coneartI have worked out of several ceramic studios, including the Sunnyvale Community Center and De Anza College. Currently I work from my home studio.

Most of my work is thrown on a Brent CXC electric wheel.

The kiln shown on the left is the main kiln in my studio, a ConeArt electric kiln with a Bartlett computerized controller. Due to its extra thick insulating walls, this kiln can be efficiently fired to cone 10 (2345 degrees Fahrenheit).

I use the kiln for cone 6 glazes, fired to 2232 degrees.


rakukilnThe kiln shown to the right began life as a Duncan electric kiln. I converted it to a propane-fired raku kiln, which I now use for my raku and horsehair pottery. I typically fire this kiln to over 1800 degrees.